Care Instructions

Your beautiful jewelry can last a long time when cared and loved for in the right way. A general rule of thumb with fashion jewelry is, it should be the last thing you put on and first thing you take off. I still have pieces in my personal collection from when I first started this amazing journey 3 years ago.

By AVOIDing the 5’s your jewelry is bound to last.

The 5 S’s are:

Sleep - Don’t sleep with your jewelry on to avoid tangling and breaking            

Shower - Your jewelry doesn’t like water, and could cause it to tarnish.

Sprays - Use perfume, hairspray and etc. before putting on your jewelry 

Sweat - Avoid massive sweating while wearing your jewelry. Example, avoid wearing your jewelry during workouts 

Swim - Don’t wear the jewelry while swimming, again, your jewelry doesn’t like water.


From time to time clean you jewelry with a soft cloth or polishing cloth. This will remove those body oils/perfumes/lotions that over time will damage the finish on your jewelry. Click Here to read more product information on Paparazzi Accessories.

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